Let’s Finish the Job !


AHOY!!! ALL ABLE Bodied Seamen, it’s Time to Come together and prepare for the coming storm.  All Our US Navy Submarine Captains kNOW this information as do all UNsCene Governments around the world.  Its about time for you to know a few more things too!  

Remember This! 

When the Earth poles shift, the potential for Polar Ice Caps, North & South, to melt and raise the Sea Level! Our US Navy has analyzed the data and has calculated the maximum Sea Level Rise of 672’.  Use the Map below to determine the New Coastlines around the world.  SEA WHERE WE’LL BEE @ Elevation 213'  

Keep in mind that during a Pole Shift Impact, Crustal Plates will shift, Earthquakes, Volcanos and Tsunami’s Many Thousands of Feet High will Crash into the Coastlines and Devastate Everything in its Path.

The Wise See, SeaBee’s, as Able SeaMen who may only wade in the anchor … ankle deep waters, that their feet would be as clean as their hands, rejoicing in the Glory Knowledge within, that The Kingdom of Light within, THE Kingdom of Heaven, the Tabernacle would not be moved from its Foundation.  

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