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Some Strategic Analysis:


1. Detroit, MI

2. Memphis, Tn

3. St. Louis, MO

4. Oakland, CA

5. Birmingham, AL

6. Atlanta, GA

7. Baltimore, MD

8. Stockton, CA

9. Cleveland, OH

10 Buffalo, NY

THE TOP 10 MOST DANGEROUS NUCLEAR TARGETS IN OR NEAR A METRO AREA (there are several other primary targets not listed that are not near a major metro)

1. Washington DC /and related bases (major command and control for the President)

2. Colorado Springs, CO (Cheyenne Mtn Control Center, 2 space command/comm bases)

3. Omaha, NE (secondary command and control bases)

4. Seattle, WA (Trident Missile Sub base and numerous Naval Bases)

5. Jacksonville FL/Kings Bay GA (Trident Missile Sub base, Major East Coast Naval Center)

6. San Diego, CA (largest west coast naval complex)

7. Norfolk, VA (major east coast naval complex)

8. Kansas City, MO (Nuclear Manufacturing facility)

9. Cheyenne, WY (Warren AFB, Minute Man and Peacekeeper MX missiles)

10. Great Falls, MT (Malmstrom AFB --Minute Man missiles)

Now for some good news: Here are my current ratings for the TOP 10 MODERATE GROWTH, MEDIUM SIZED METRO AREAS that are relatively safe from strategic threats, or where you have a good chance of mitigating those threats. These are not the best areas, but the areas where most people who need to stay in the job markets will find medium term security:

1. Boise, ID

2. Provo-Orem, UT

3. Beaverton, OR

4. Santa Rosa, CA

5. Greenville, SC

6. Winston-Salem/High Point, NC

7. Austin-San Marcos, TX

8. Grand Rapids, MI

9. Reno, NV

10. Madison, WI

For those of you on a tight budget, here are the TOP 10 MOST ECONOMICAL STATES to live. These ratings take into consideration overall taxes, housing, and cost of living. These ratings also exclude most large metro areas, where costs are much higher than the state average.

1. Arkansas

2. Alabama

3. Louisiana

4. Texas (except Dallas Metroplex)

5. West Virginia

6. Oklahoma

7. South Carolina

8. Mississippi

9. Wisconsin

10. Tennessee

SOME STATES WITH TAX ADVANTAGES: This doesn't tell the whole tax story since all states collect a lot of taxes. However, a person whose financial structure or income structure is different from the average person can take advantage of this by living in a state which doesn't tax his particular form of income or spending patterns. There are more details in my book, "Strategic Relocation"

STATES WITH NO INCOME TAX: Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Tennessee, New Hampshire (but has 5% tax on div/int) , So. Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wyoming.

STATES WITH NO SALES TAX: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon,


STATES WHO SHARE A BORDER WITH NO SALES TAX/NO INCOME TAX STATE: In these states, you can live in a no income tax state and shop across the border in a no sales tax state: Washington/Oregon Wyoming/Montana So. Dakota/Montana

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As you can see, it can be rather enjoyable or frustrating doing this kind of analysis, depending upon where you presently reside. I hope you will enjoyed this brief analysis, there are many more areas of interest to analyze.

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