Ancient Ark Builders

AARK Builders, Ancient ARK Builders, has come forth to serve and prepare the remnant for the age to come.  These master builders have been in the construction industry, well over 40 years and are adept in helping You realize your dreams & visions for a safe and secure future.  The Kingdom's primary goal isn’t to make money but rather to be humble servants in making the world a better place during days to come.

The world we live in has changed greatly and fallen away from many of the moral and ethical beliefs of our forefathers.   While we, as Americans, still live in a society unlike any others upon the world today, those we’ve entrusted to watch over us are betraying the trust we have given them and are systematically removing the freedoms set forth by our forefathers.   It is sad, but true, that most corporations are not focused on making the world a better place but rather most are locked in the grips of greed and corruption which has fueled the decline of our great nation.

AARK Builders has come forth with a vision to Preserve a Remnant for the Age to Come.  Providing information on where preferred locations are in the USA, how to come out of the world system, how to create renewable power, how to become self reliant, designing your Ark to meet the needs of your family and help you realize the vision for Your Glory House. Your Ark will use the latest advances in technology, materials, renewable resources and timely construction techniques. 

AARK Builders focus is helping families build and prepare for the future.  If your heart has lead you here, please feel free to review all the information we have available online to our members.  We are here to help the Remnant plan & build a future to nurture and protect their families.

Please consider Supporting Our Efforts in Preserving YeHoVaH’s Remnant the Path’s to Dwell in.

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